Free Innovation Design Workshop

Urban Mobility Challenge

A 120-minute Workshop showing you how to rapidly innovate in an ever-changing world

While we were all striving for greener and more livable cities, working on new mobility concepts and the reduction of CO2 emissions, COVID-19 struck our world and has started to disrupt our urban lives (again). From one day to the other the demand for shared and micro-mobility decreased to a minimum whereas the demand for curbside delivery has risen. Global logistics companies are delivering as many parcels each day as usually only on Christmas. Personal car ownership has become an important factor of safety for many whereas cities are trying to provide more space to pedestrians and cyclists.

These are only some major shifts that can be noticed as a consequence of the global pandemic. A lot of questions remain un-answered. Urban Mobility has become an even more interesting field for innovation and the opportunity to create new, value-adding services and products.

That's why we would like to invite you to our Urban Mobility Challenge -
A free Mini Workshop on Innovation Design together with our Danish partner BLOXHUB

What you can expect

  • 👉 Cross-border co-creation session between German and Danish companies working in the Urban Mobility sector
  • 👉 In-depth knowledge of the importance of a user-centric approach and how to involve your customers in product development.

  • 👉Hands-on experience in product/service innovation, based on customer insights using the Design Thinking method.

  • 👉A foundational understanding of how we at dorris approach business challenges, which tools we use and what the Design Thinking process looks like

The Challenges

In your team you can choose to work on one of these four challenges during our workshop (and of course afterwards):

⚡️How might we encourage citizens to feel comfortable using alternative transportation options to public transit and individual cars on a daily basis?

⚡️How might we open up data from new mobility services in a way that serves the public good, but also protects the privacy of users?

⚡️How might we encourage and create a system that uses data, technology, and new delivery vehicles to deliver e-commerce and urban goods?

⚡️How might we use technology to make the street friendlier to people walking and biking?

What are we going to do?

This Workshop is designed as an experience using Zoom for communication and co-creation as well as other handy tools to work together in your team.

All our workshops encourage experience-based learning. We apply a good mixture of lectures, discussions and practical exercises to let our participants build new skills and gain new knowledge.

Who is this workshop for?

Aimed at decision makers, innovators, product owners and digital experts who work in management and leadership roles, our Co-founder, Chris Weier, and her Swedish partner Pär Hellstadius will show you a new mindset and give you a taster of our process and toolkit to face an ever changing world and establish an Innovator`s Mindset in your company.

In partnership with BLOXHUB

BLOXHUB is the Nordic hub for sustainable urbanization. The hub's purpose is to connect, share and scale its member companies.
Being a proud part of BLOXHUB, we join forces and offer this workshop together with our Danish friends.

Expand your Network

The participating companies for this Mini Workshop are selected members of BLOXHUB and handpicked German organizations facing some of the challenges we are trying to solve during this session.

For us it is important to connect Danish and German teams dealing with the same questions right now and offering them an outlook on how to find the right answers. All participants are invited to connect not only during our Workshop but also afterwards.

Apply now!

If you work at a company in the Urban Mobility sector, we would be happy to welcome you to our next Free Innovation Design Workshop taking place on 16th June 2020 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. CEST online via Zoom.

“What an inspiring workshop!
I learnt a lot about user-centered thinking and how to apply it to my daily job as a product owner.”
“This workshop was really eye-opening to me. It was the starting point for my team to change our whole working process.”
“Well done, Chris and Pär. I especially loved the Breakout sessions and the brainstorming variations.”
”dorris helped me incorporate new proactive tools to foster future competitive challenges.”

Your Facilitators

Chris Weier

👉LinkedIn Profile

With more than 15 years of experience in User Experience and Digital Strategy, Chris has already worked for major DAX-20 companies and renowned agencies. Since 2007 when she founded her first company, Chris has always been focused on using a human-centered creation process for her products and services.

With dorris Chris has implemented a process that enables our team to identify and solve big business challenges within only 2 months. This process helps our clients increase productivity and lower development costs while creating a coherent digital customer experience and enabling an acceleration of their business growth. 

Pär Hellstadius

👉LinkedIn Profile

Pär is a People Transformation specialist who supports organisations and individuals to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities of agile, remote and cross-functional ways of working. He trains and cultivates the competencies needed in the uncharted terrain of New Work and enables his clients to build more creative, effective and healthy teams and organisations.

As a Partner of dorris, he designs and facilitates parts of our Innovation Lab x Copenhagen and supports our clients in Stockholm.