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How COVID-19 is impacting our workplace

This is the pilot episode of a new "dorris meets" format. dorris Founder Chris meets every two weeks with her Swedish partner Pär to chat about recent projects, things that inspired them, stuff they prototyped, about learnings and surprises.

This week the main topic was how COVID-19 has changed our ability to network and what we think our workplaces are going to change when everybody is back at the office. Or isn't. Because there might not be "the" office any more. Pär talks about a Leadership programme he is currently designing, Chris shares her latest update on her Futures Design project and both chat about great books everybody should read.

2:20 Proximity Bias: Networking in times of COVID-19
8:40 Pär about current opportunities to re-discover leadership qualities
11:40 How is our workplace going to look like „after“ COVID-19?
18:00 The magic of Remote Workshops
19:28 How Pär is designing a leadership programme online
22:48 Chris about her addiction to prototyping
30:55 Chris about her current work on the future of sports and fitness (bespoke Futures Design Camp)
34:48 Pär’s about what he recently re-read (book tip)
37:14 Chris about her favorite book at the moment

Pär’s book tip:
Switch by von Dan and Chip Heath

Chris’ book tip:
Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber by Mike Isaac

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