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Peter Fisher, Co-Founder of Khora Contemporary

Disrupting Art

We are talking to Peter Fisher in this episode of dorris meets. Peter is the Co-Founder of Copenhagen-based virtual reality and augmented reality production house Khora. Khora is not only the leading VR and AR hub for innovators in Denmark but has also founded a VR Art Production company called Khora Contemporary. With Khora Contemporary, Peter and his colleagues try to become a bridge between the artists and VR developers to unleash their imaginative visions exploring this new media and its limitless possibilities.

Peter and Chris chat about the process of working together with an artist on a Virtual Reality Artpiece, about how VR can change the collection of artworks, galleries and the experience of Art in general. Peter gives us interesting insights in the future of Art, what can be possible and how Khora Contemporary wants to play a major role in this change.

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