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About Remote Team Leadership, our Urban Mobility Challenge, the Future of Health and Urban Gardening

This time Pär and Chris exchange exciting Copenhagen tips and start with the question whom each of them would choose as an imaginary friend. Pär comes up with a really elaborate approach to answer this and also talks about a must-read book tip. Our two hosts then get deeper into the topic of Leading Remote Teams, useful tools and processes and discuss how to prototype a workshop. Before turning to some hot trends influenced by COVID-19, Chris and Pär also mention their free Urban Mobility Challenge coming up next week, an online workshop for curious minds in the Mobility Sector. You can still register for that by using this link.

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#5 - Designing the Future

My guest for this podcast episode is Nicolas Arroyo, Founding Partner of Copenhagen-based strategic foresight firm bespoke. With Nic we talked about our Future, how we can imagine better Future Scenarios for our business and what possible trends might evolve after COVID-19.

#2 - Tech meets Health

With Martin we chat about his recent TEDx talk and if we can still trust our doctors or need to take our well-being and health into our own hands. Martin gives us exciting insights into the world of Biohacking, how to become the best version of ourselves and which role tech plays for living a better life.

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