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The FRIDAY CLUB is an experiential space to try out new things, mix digital with physical experiences, share new tools and methods to run inspiring workshops and meetings and try yourself out in a safe space with like-minded people from all over the world.

Members are invited to:

  • Tangible, IRL (in real life) events 🖐🏻
  • New multi-sensual happenings (smell, taste, listen, see and feel) 👂🏻
  • Shared experiences - meet new like-minded people! 👩👩👦
  • Playful (online) session 👾
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What FRIDAY CLUB members say about our experiences:

“Highly interactive and enjoyable event. We loved it!”
“Brilliantly done. I was tired of online events, but this one was amazing!”
“I have never experienced a virtual event like this. It was so different and immersive.”