Your Playbook for Change - Survival Kit

Here you find all the great links that our experts Martin Kremmer and Leo de Melo shared at today`s Q&A webinar "#1 How to use the lockdown to improve your health and wellbeing"

☀️How to structure your day: Miracle Morning

💪When it comes to physical activities... The best "homegym": X3 Bar (please use discount code: SPRING)

🥦🥑Where to get high quality ingredients during the lockdown (and after!):

👨‍⚕️ Clinic in Copenhagen focused on gut-health: R

🌡 Food intolerance tests in Copenhagen: Generrayt  & in Germany:
Verisana as well as Lykon

😴Sleep tracker: - Oura ring (if you have questions about the Oura ring, feel free to get in touch with us)

😴😴Top sleep hacks 

🧠Focused on-demand: Spotify List

Additional links you might find helpful:
  • Martin Kremmer`s TED talk about Biohacking
  • Martin on our podcast talking about how he got into Biohacking and what a Biohacker does to live an optimal life. Martin shares his insights on how to stay healthy even when living a busy life, what Ketosis can do for your body, why sleep is the most important thing and what you can find out when you let your DNA tested. Listen on Spotify, Soundcloud or Apple Podcasts.
Find Martin & Leo online:

Martin on LinkedIn

The Danish Biohacking Community

Leo on LinkedIn

Leo`s Website

An extra goodie from Leo:

"Finally, we need to remember we have a lot to be thankful about: our food, our health and our conditions compared to those of others during these times. A thought on Gratitude by the American Medical Doctor and author, Mark Hyman: It’s been found to improve psychological health by reducing toxic emotions like envy and regret. When it comes to physical health, grateful people have been found to have fewer aches and pains and take better care of themselves in general.

Gratitude is also linked to better sleep, with both better sleep quality and duration being linked to a grateful attitude. This same outlook has been linked to higher levels of self-esteem and it can also help us make new friends: Thanking an acquaintance encourages them to pursue an ongoing relationship with you, as it sends the signal that there is potential for a high-quality relationship to be formed.

It’s clear there are multiple benefits to be had from incorporating a regular gratitude practice into your wellness routine. Writing down a few things every day, silently acknowledging them on your commute, or taking a moment at the dinner table to say something you are thankful for out loud—all of these acts open up your mind and body to feel their best."