Copenhagen Learning Expeditions

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Transformation -
A New Kind of Learning Experience to one of the most digital and innovative cities in the whole world.

What you get

Expected Outcome

Kickstarter to solve your biggest challenges

Our goal is that you come back home with promising ideas for product discoveries or solve a concrete business challenge. On our journey you will experience a strategic exploration of different ecosystems, understand new behaviors, test out new things and start working with what you have seen and heard.

User-centric product development -
Learn & Exchange

We want to discuss, exchange and explore different approaches towards  user-centric product development, gain new impulses from our Danish neighbors and learn from European digital forward-thinkers. A variety of different interaction formats during our Journey enhance your learning experience and teach you brand new frameworks and methods.

Extend your business networks

On top we connect you with a crowd of hand-picked exciting founders and entrepreneurs to share experiences, find inspiration and receive new impulses for your (future) challenges. You get the chance to extend your business network and establish valuable contacts for future cross-border collaborations.

Why Copenhagen?

Denmark is one of the world's most digital societies
Denmark’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is the best in the EU
Denmark is a European Innovation Leader in areas as greentech, biotech, pharmaceutical sciences, telecommunications, IT and design
Denmark has one of the world’s flattest workplace hierarchies& a Leadership Culture based on Trust & Team Collaboration
Denmark is a living example of Business Transformation and Future-Oriented Change

Example Agenda

For each and every client we create a tailor-made agenda based on their exact needs and wishes. For us it is important to create an immersive experience consisting of exciting site-visits, 1:1 with founders and entrepreneurs, engaging workshops and surprising happenings to get the full Copenhagen experience.

What our clients say

"What we learned in 4 days in Copenhagen is indescribable. I expected many new thoughts, impulses and ideas - but never so many. The week in Copenhagen was incredibly intense and inspiring. Thank you, Chris, for organizing this mindblowing journey, your enthusiasm and your motivation! Can't wait to come back and continue learning! ❤

Ramona Rakel, Coordinator Sparkassen Innovation-Hub

"What an incredible week full of inspiration and learning in Copenhagen! We discovered the Danish way of banking, design, leadership, implementation and lifestyle.But we weren't just there to listen and exchange ideas, we worked on specific issues. And so the first day ended with the work on our innovation cases - inspired by many great lectures.

Oliver Grabarz, Innovation Manager Online Sparkasse KölnBonn

"We wanted to gather impulses and came back with a changed mindset. A 3-day trip to Copenhagen has come to an end, which was so full of inspiration and methods that we came back to Germany euphoric. My special thanks go to Chris for the great organization and her huge network.

Thorsten Bambey, Innovation Evangelist

"Doing quite a few delegations myself, I’m truely impressed with your standards, Chris! Your ability to understand and meet client-needs is formidable! 💪

Mikkel Frich, Head of Delegations, Digital Hub Denmark

"Ich bin geflasht von dieser absolut genialen Reise und nehme ganz viele Impulse und Ideen zurück nach Hamburg.

JP Tonyigah,
Innovation Strategist, Sparkassen Innovation Hub

"So much great input in 3 days - I‘m still processing it. Thanks for your spirit Chris Weier - I can only recommend it to everyone.

Rolf Burkhart, Innovation Manager, Berliner Sparkassen



Getting to know your team mates for our journey, setting up the teams,  creating a safe space

Set the frames

Increasing clarity and focus for yourself and our team to support you the best way possible

Define your goals

Defining individual and team goals and gain a clear understanding of how we can reach these goals during our journey

Day 1 - Copenhagen

Inspiration / Impulses / Exchange

Site Visit & Elevator Pitches, Discussion with founders

Visits of different Innovation Hubs and Startup Spaces, Interviews & 1:1s with the Founders

Workshop: Reflect & Ideate

Building upon the first inspiration sessions / Laying the groundwork for a successful team collaboration / First ideation session

Meet the Danes

Get-Together with like-minded leaders and entrepreneurs

Workshop Session - Reflect & Ideate

In the afternoon of Day 1 we build on the inspiration you gained during the first part of the day. In a guided workshop session we break you up in teams and help you pick apart the different experiences and inspiration you got by taking you through key stages of the reflection process, and ending with a first ideation session.
We strongly believe in Experience-Based Learning: The process of learning new skills, knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes, through experience and active reflection. This widely-used learning approach emphasizes doing, reflection, and active experimentation by individual learners and groups.

Meet the Danes

After we have spent the first day in inspirational environments, we invite you and a handful of selected Danish entrepreneurs and managers to a casual Get-Together. Our intention is to give you and the invited Danes the chance to exchange ideas, learn from each other`s cultural differences, discuss different approaches and mindsets and close the day with even more insights and new inspiration.

Day 2 - Copenhagen

Thinking outside the box

How the most User-Centered Products are built

Site-visits, presentations, discussion

Creating your own product

Workshop Session

Networking Dinner

Nordic Cuisine Experience with a selection of our Speakers

Today we leave our "box" and meet fantastic people who truly know how to build user-centric products. They will share their journey, give you insights into their process and lead you the way to build your own product in the afternoon.

Example Agenda:
Beyond Human-Centered Design - Inside one of the most exciting innovation labs
Exclusive insights into the Danish Design Centre's Innovation Toolbox
Breakout-Session: How to build a user-centric city? - A dialog with renowned Urban Designer & TV host

Workshop: Build your Prototype

In the afternoon of Day 2, we invite you to a very hands-on workshop session. You start by defining your "product" inspired by everything you heard and experienced in the past two days. In your team, you start to doodle, sketch and build. Using all the material our workspace provides, you can go with the creative flow and build a real prototype of your product. During our evening's dinner you will have the chance to discuss your product idea with some of our fantastic Speakers.

Networking Dinner

We invite you to our Networking Dinner at a one-of-a-kind Nordic Cuisine restaurant in a stunning surrounding. You will be served great food since Copenhagen has become a food mecca in the past years.In a private atmosphere you will also be able to network with your peers and our Top Speakers who will spend the evening together with us. Plenty of time and occasions to pitch your product idea and tie new valuable connections.

Day 3 - Copenhagen

Pitch Day - The Big rally

Get out of the building - The Rally

Follow our Rally through the city to explore more exciting startups, bring your prototype, pitch it in front of real users, more fantastic founders & collect valuable feedback

Closure - Workshop Session

Recap of the journey, landing our learnings & closing

Closing Workshop
We come together for a last workshop session where we discuss the feedback you received from your (possible) users and the founders you met during the Rally. In a final guided workshop session, we share what we learnt during our user tests / interviews. For this process, we use a Framework which helps us summarize the outcome of the journey and define next steps. We close the session and our 3 days in Copenhagen with the Rally winner announcement, a proper checkout and a final get-together.   

Follow-Up Workshop - Discovery Start

Gaining traction

Any solution is only as strong as its execution. In this Workshop Session back home, we reflect on the learnings from our journey and define the structure, direction and first steps of the upcoming Discovery Process. Objectives: Land your learnings, reflect upon the learnt methods and tools, further define your innovation cases.
Output: Lean Canvas - The perfect one-pager for communicating your  innovation idea & kicking off your Product Discovery Process.

Our Promise

⚡️ Engaging, interactive Workshop formats
🤜 Teambuilding for free
🤩 Immersive Experiences & Insights
🇩🇰 Exchange with Danish entrepreneurs & executives
🛠 Expert know-how and new methodology skills 
💪 Personal Coaching to solve your challenges

Download the whole Example program

A learning expedition for curious minds - from our office into one of the most innovative and inspiring cities in Europe: Copenhagen

We have put together an example program for you to download and explore. The PDF file contains:

  • A deep dive into the 3 Days from the Journey Kickoff where we set the frames and define your goals
  • Day 1 in Copenhagen: Inspiration / Impulses / Exchange with Site Visit & Elevator Pitches, Discussion with founders and our first Workshop
  • Day 2 in Copenhagen: Thinking outside the box & finding answers to the question "How have the most User-Centered Products been built?" followed by a real hands-on prototyping workshop and our big Networking Dinner
  • Day 3 in Copenhagen: Pitch Day - The Big rally where you can pitch your ideas in front of real users, more fantastic founders & collect valuable feedback
  • Back home: Gaining traction with our Discovery Kickoff Workshop

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With hidorris, Chris has implemented a process that enables our team to identify and solve big business challenges within only 2 months. This process helps our clients increase productivity and lower development costs while creating a coherent digital customer experience and enabling an acceleration of their business growth.

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