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Our playbook

We solve your business challenge within 6 weeks

  • Using our lean Product and Growth Strategy Process we empower you to solve big business challenges within a short amount of time.
  • The result of our process is a validated product prototype that has been tested with real users, a verified growth strategy and clear requirements for implementation.
  • Furthermore it helps you increase productivity and lower your development costs.
Our Sprint-based process

How dorris works

Discovery & Goal Setting
Uncovering the business and customer sides and crafting an actionable problem statement
Ideation & Creation
Developing creative concepts by using our own ideation toolkit and deciding on the strongest ideas
Test, verify & build
Bringing our ideas to life, testing prototypes and getting valuable feedback from real users

The Discovery Phase

When we start working with a new client we always do a Discovery Phase first. During this phase we need to work with the decider (be it the CEO, Product Owner or Company Founder) on the client side because this phase is crucial.

Being aware of the importance of mutual alignment we start with one or more Discovery Workshops including people from different departments and teams. Our goal in the discovery phase is to craft an actionable problem statement we can then work on.

Another important part of the Discovery Process is getting to know our client and their business as well as finding out more about their customers. We use different techniques from Design Thinking, Design Sprints and classic User Research to uncover as much as possible. Even if our client tells us the have got these personas and actually have already answered all our questions about their customers, we do our own research first before starting the next phase. Our experience has taught us there is always something important no one has seen before or listened to explicitly.  

Ideation & Creation: The innovation cycle

Having laid the groundwork we start with the Creation Phase: finding solutions to the problem statement. We do this by running several ideation sessions applying methods and tools from Hyper Island, Google Design Sprints and Design Thinking. If our clients are open to a Design Sprint during that phase, we highly appreciate that as there is no other means of creating and validating ideas as fast as with a Sprint. We create storyboards and use the method of Concept Framing to bring our ideas to life. Together with our client we discuss these concepts, decide on the strongest ideas and how we can implement them.

Already during the Creation Phase our Growth Experts are heavily involved in ideating around possible Strategies for the finished product. They already then discuss these strategies with our Technology Experts to figure out how to build the foundation for their realization after the product has been launched. In alignment with the Product Concept Ideas, our Growth team develops several Growth Experiments matching our defined goals in Phase 1.

Before we move on we design our test scenarios, both for the Product Test and our Growth Experiments. We prioritize our assumptions and frame the most important ones as hypothesis.

Test, verify & build

In the next step we create a Product Prototype implementing the core features which we think are most crucial to evaluate before we spend months and loads of money developing them. In user tests with real customers we gather important feedback and re-work our ideas until we have identified a clear path to follow. By that time we have a validated prototype showing the core features of our product and a Growth strategy derived from the outcome of our Growth Experiments.

The outcome of this 3-step phase which usually lasts between 6–8 weeks is highly valuable to our clients. Not only do we provide them with all the research results and ideas we created but they also get a validated high-fidelity product prototype, a detailed concept paper along with a proven Marketing strategy, a Product and Growth strategy paper with recommendations on which path to follow. This process accelerates what is usually a months-long process of building consensus because it results in a validated high-fidelity prototype that has been tested with real users and in clear requirements for implementation.

What makes dorris stand out

Because great founders and great growth marketers are one and the same

dorris is different than any other digital agency on the market. Not only because we care about the whole customer experience and know how to combine Strategy, User Experience, User Interface Design, Marketing and Growth.

Our clients love us because we are full of new ideas, we are fast and flexible, we are the speed boat you need to overtake your competitors and enter new, unknown waters. And there are more good reasons for dorris:

  • We are a team of Senior Partners with at least 15+ years of experience in what we do
  • Our founders Chris and Carsten will not hand over your project to a group of juniors or unknown freelancers after our first meeting. They are responsible themselves for each project dorris takes on
  • The team you meet is the team that works on your project from beginning to end (in case there even is an end. Usually we keep long-term relationships to our clients). We do not hide a group of contractors or unexperienced co-workers at our office to secretly work on our behalf

Let`s work together!

We are looking forward to telling you more about our process and start working with you!