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"Inside the Box by dorris" is your go-to podcast for innovative tools and methods to create more meaningful and user-centered products. Our founder and CEO Chris opens our toolbox and puts together an interactive session to enable you to host more enjoyable and effective meetings and workshops.

Each episode has a different topic: from team-building to idea creation and prototyping, from problem-framing to solution building. To make our podcast even more actionable to our listeners, some episodes come with a Miro template you can use right-away.

S4#1 - Building stronger teams

In the first episode of our new season „Inside the Box“ we introduce three great tools to build stronger teams and establish a trustful atmosphere in your company.
Along with our podcast, we provide you with a free Miro Template to grab the tools you need and use them for your own work!

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Previous Podcast Episodes

In season 1 of "dorris meets" are chatting with entrepreneurs, founders, creatives and innovators from Scandinavia and the rest of Europe about design, tech and innovation. So many great people have already been our guests.

In season 2, we renamed our podcast to "Sprinters - The Innovator's Podcast" and changed the format in order to provide even more value and actionable advice to our listeners: Our Co-Founder Chris and her Swedish Partner Pär go deeper into exploring the Future of Work, Innovation Design, Workshops and share lots of secret tips and parts of our own toolbox with you. From time to time the two invite special guests to get inspiration and listen to thrilling stories about design and innovation.

Season 3 is all about "Sustainable Founders". We introduce awesome entrepreneurs and their mission to our listeners, talk about their business model and how each one of us can move to action to make their own business more sustainable.

Enjoy listening!

S3#3 - dorris meets Yook founder Varena Junge

Mit Varena - Vollblut-Unternehmerin und Umweltaktivistin aus Hamburg - sprechen wir zum einen über das Gründen, was es bedeutet, Unternehmerin zu sein, wie für Varena alles begonnen hat und wie ihre Mission mit ihrem jüngsten Baby Yook aussieht.

S3#3 - dorris meets POOL founders Rune & Kristian

Rune and Kristian are the Danish founders of Berlin-based sustainable fashion startup POOL.

Like „Spotify for clothes“ they offer an inspiring range of fashion pieces to expand your boundaries of style and try out something new. 

S3#2 - dorris meets Eva von frischepost 🇩🇪

In dieser Episode von "dorris meets" treffe ich Eva, eine der beiden Gründerinnen von frischepost. Mit Eva sprechen wir über Herausforderungen beim Gründen, die frischepost Crowd-Funding Kampagne, ihr Expansions-Pläne und aktuelle Trends im Food-Bereich.

S3#1 - dorris meets Tomorrow and Leaders for Climate Action

With the founders of Berlin-based Leaders for Climate Action and the Danish startup Tomorrow we are discussing the need to convince not only individuals but also companies to move to action.

S2#7 - How Design can help us solve complex business challenges

Pär is back for the final episode of Season 2. We dive right into a very spontaneous talk about how we can use design to solve big business challenges.

S2#6 - Why Design is the answer to solving Urban Challenges

Chris chats with our Special Guest Mikael Colville-Andersen about how our cities have been changed in the past century, how Copenhagen and Amsterdam have become the role-models for urban planning worldwide and how we as citizens can re-conquer urban space.

S2#5 - Our Favorite Top 5 Tools

Today Chris & Pär are talking about our favorite tools to make online meetings and workshops an awesome experience. They are introducing their top 5 and revealing more valuable insights about when to use tech and how to choose tools.

S2#4 - The perfect (remote) meeting, pt. 2

This is part 2 of our Deep Dive „The perfect (remote) meeting“. We are introducing a process and all the tools you need to lead your next meeting to a successful outcome. This meeting outline can be used for a mass of different goals and issues. Take all or just some of our discussed methods and try it yourself. As a guideline, we have published a free Miro Board for you.

S2#3 - The perfect (remote) meeting, pt. 1

This is the first time Pär and I are doing a Deep Dive Podcast looking into the details of some great tools to prepare and run the perfect meeting. The two guide you through the process and share their free Miro Board template!

S2#2 - About Remote Team Leading

In this episode, Pär and Chris chat about imaginative friends, Urban Gardening, our Urban Mobility Challenge, how to lead remote teams and how to prototype a workshop.

S2#1 - New format: About Design, Innovation & the Future of Work

We have changed our podcast format: Starting with this episode, our founder Chris and her Swedish partner Pär are going to share exciting conversations about design, innovation and the future or work every two weeks.
In this first episode it's all about the impact of COVID-19 and what happened at dorris in the past week.

#5 - Designing the Future

My guest for this podcast episode is Nicolas Arroyo, Founding Partner of Copenhagen-based strategic foresight firm bespoke. With Nic we talked about our Future, how we can imagine better Future Scenarios for our business and what possible trends might evolve after COVID-19.

#4 - Disrupting Art

Peter and Chris chat about the process of working together with an artist on a Virtual Reality Artpiece, about how VR can change the collection of artworks, galleries and the experience of Art in general. Peter gives us interesting insights in the future of Art, what can be possible and how Khora Contemporary wants to play a major role in this change

#3 The Power of Data

With Anders we talked about the Nordic Approach to data, tech and digitization. Inspired by the Finnish AI initiative „Elements of AI“ Anders wants to teach Denmark about evolving tech and AI in special. We share our opinion on how to catch up with China and the US and the right usage of Big Data and discuss how Artificial Intelligence influences our lives today and in the future.  

#2 - Tech meets Health

With Martin we chat about his recent TEDx talk and if we can still trust our doctors or need to take our well-being and health into our own hands. Martin gives us exciting insights into the world of Biohacking, how to become the best version of ourselves and which role tech plays for living a better life.

#1 - Sports Tech

We are chatting with Co-Founder and CEO of Stockholm-based mobile game company JustFootball, Kasper Ljungstrøm Skov whose app is not only super thrilling because it uses computer vision and machine learning but also because it combines the digital with the physical world.
Your host Chris
Chris is the founder and CEO of dorris based in Hamburg and Copenhagen. She has been an entrepreneur for more than 12 years and loves to create digital products.

Chris has a beating heart for digital stuff, tech, innovation and of course design. She believes in life-long learning and staying curious. Besides her work, Chris is passionate about her dog and outdoor sports. If you happen to meet her, chat with her about Bodyhacking, the Scandics and how she finally managed to make meditation a daily habit.
Your host Pär
Pär joins Chris in the second season of our podcast.

As a People Transformation specialist he supports organisations and individuals to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities of agile, remote and cross-functional ways of working. Pär trains and cultivates the competencies needed in the uncharted terrain of New Work and enables his clients to build more creative, effective and healthy teams and organisations.

As a Partner of dorris, he designs and facilitates parts of our Innovation Lab x Copenhagen and supports our clients in Stockholm.

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