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dorris meets...

„dorris meets“ is your go-to podcast on design, innovation and tech. Broadcasted from our offices in Hamburg and Copenhagen. Hosted by our founder and CEO, Chris, who loves to meet new people with an inspiring story to tell.

We uncover exciting new trends, discuss with startup founders, have deep dives into new tools and methodologies and get to know great people from all over the world.

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#3 - Tech meets Health

Our guest today is Anders Hvid who is the Co-Founder of Copenhagen-based consulting firm DareDisrupt. Anders is currently one of the most requested speakers and commentators on the topic of emerging technology, disruption and the future of business and society.

He is also Co-Founder of Founders of Tomorrow, a bootcamp program designed to use technology as a tool to create positive impact in the world.
With Anders I talked about Founders of Tomorrow, about this year`s topic Space and why it matters. We also covered the Nordic Approach to data, tech and digitization. Inspired by the Finnish AI initiative „Elements of AI“ Anders wants to teach Denmark about evolving tech and AI in special. We share our opinion on how to catch up with China and the US and the right usage of Big Data and discuss how Artificial Intelligence influences our lives today and in the future.  

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Previous Podcast Guests

We are chatting with entrepreneurs, founders, creatives and innovators from Scandinavia and the rest of Europe about design, tech and innovation. These great people have already been our guests. Enjoy listening!

#2 Tech meets Health

In our second episode of "dorris meets", your go-to Podcast on design, innovation and tech, we welcome the Founder of the Danish Biohacking Community and renowned expert in his field, Martin Kremmer as our guest.

With Martin we chat about his recent TEDx talk and if we can still trust our doctors or need to take our well-being and health into our own hands. Martin gives us exciting insights into the world of Biohacking, how to become the best version of ourselves and which role tech plays for living a better life.

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#1 Sports Tech

In this first episode of „dorris meets“ our host Chris explores with our guest how we can use tech to trigger behavioral change. How can we use the screen addiction of our kids for something good? Get them out of their rooms into the real world to play football together.

We are chatting with Co-Founder and CEO of Stockholm-based mobile game company JustFootball, Kasper Ljungstrøm Skov whose app is not only super thrilling because it uses computer vision and machine learning but also because it combines the digital with the physical world.

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Your host Chris
Chris is the founder and CEO of dorris based in Hamburg and Copenhagen. She has been an entrepreneur for more than 12 years and loves to create digital products.

Chris has a beating heart for digital stuff, tech, innovation and of course design. She believes in life-long learning and staying curious. Besides her work, Chris is passionate about her dog and outdoor sports. If you happen to meet her, chat with her about Bodyhacking, the Scandics and how she finally managed to make meditation a daily habit.

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