Let's co-create great products!

The Playground

We enable you to create a validated solution to an important business challenge within just 6 weeks

  • Using our lean Product and Growth Strategy Process we empower you to create new innovative and user-centric, meaningful solutions yourselves
  • We add our 20+ years experience in creating and marketing (digital) products to guarantee a high-quality outcome
  • The result is a validated product prototype that has been tested with real users, a verified growth strategy and clear requirements for implementation
  • Furthermore our process helps you increase productivity and lower your development costs while getting the buy-in from all participating departments
Our Sprint-based process

How dorris works

Discovery & Goal Setting
Uncovering the business and customer sides and crafting an actionable problem statement
Ideation & Creation
Developing creative concepts by using our own ideation toolkit and deciding on the strongest ideas
Test, verify & build
Bringing our ideas to life, testing prototypes and getting valuable feedback from real users
Playground Copenhagen

Adding a new dimension to your experience

Before we start working on your challenge, we invite you to Copenhagen to listen to inspiring Lightning Talks by Scandinavian experts in your field. Our extensive network in Denmark offers you the strategic exploration of different ecosystems, understanding new behaviors, testing out new things and engaging in high-level partnerships.

Usually we start off with creative ideation sessions right after the Lightning Talks. Our Copenhagen office offers you a completely new and inspiring surrounding.

Going back home, we invite you to continue working with us and empower you to create a new, optimized version of your product or service after you have been equipped with new mindsets, different perspectives and the right toolsets to start.

Experience-based Learning

We enable you to make compelling observations, talk to people with diverse experiences, perspectives and cultures and experiment with what you have learnt.

Leaving your comfort zone

Stepping away from your daily job life meeting a new culture with new mindsets will strengthen your innovation capability.
Trigger chances in your thinking

A variety of different interaction formats enhance your experience and guarantee a valuable knowledge transfer.
Become a Forward-Thinker

Coming back you will have gained new expert know-how and new methodology skills making you a Change Agent in your own company.

How to play

We are creating space for your team to discover, fail, and try out new ideas.

Matchmaking: Denmark 🇩🇰 x Germany 🇩🇪

With dorris, we have established an exclusive network of Danish industry leaders and entrepreneurs who help us connect German and Danish businesses. We want to enable our clients to share experiences and expertise with their Danish neighbors, learn from each other and get inspiration to solve their business challenges.

We offer our clients access to global and local matchmaking with partners and projects in Denmark. We are able to bring together a multi-disciplinary team from the Danish ecosystem to address your business challenge. We facilitate tailor-made workshop formats to get inspired and create valuable solutions together.

Some of our themes

Digital Transformation

Meet people who do things differently. People who explore new paths. People who can teach us to redefine how business is done.
In times where everybody needs an answer on how to face future developments and technologies, how to re-define business models and do things differently than before, our Disruptive Speakers have a captivating story to tell and will give you the right impulses to strike new paths in your own job.

Future Tech

Demographic and technological changes have a great impact on each industry. People move to urban areas, we have got used to sharing things instead of owning them, technology as self-driving cars or AI supporting our daily work shape our future.

Our Speakers give you live insights what is possible already now, what you can expect to come and how you can make the best out of it for our business.

New Work

The modern working world is getting more and more disrupted. Digitalization and the pandemic have changed our workplace. Cultural changes will have an even greater impact in the future. These are facts. So let`s explore how we can respond to that change.

Our Partners and facilitators can give you not only an outlook on the Future of Work but also valuable advice on how to deal best with your worklife today, hire and keep the best talents and derive greater satisfaction in your current job.

Let`s explore how the Future of Work looks like for your business.

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Our partners

Imagining better future scenarios
Enabling people & organizations to transform

We are trained and certified by world-class educators

Hyper Island is a digital creative business school located in Stockholm, Sweden
IDEO is a global design company committed to creating positive impact.
Kaospilot is a hybrid business and design school focused on  leadership and entrepreneurship