We use design-led methods to create more user-focused products.

Our mission is to build more user-centered and meaningful products while at the same time creating substantial new value for your business.  

Why play with us?

The future is coming faster than you think: If you want your company be innovative, you need to be able to navigate ambiguous, uncertain and often complex information spaces (our VUCA world). What is unknown usually far outweighs what is known.

New technologies and trends are evolving each and every day, urging companies to re-think their usual processes and mindsets. You need to be equipped with the right tools and methods to understand customer motivations and behaviour, inspire new ideas, support decision-making and inform strategy.

To tackle these challenges, we provide you with a tried-and-true Framework for exploration, experimentation and the allowance to fail fast - and accelerate learning while saving time and money.

This is what we call PLAYFUL INNOVATION.

More Reasons to work with us

To be successful, now and in the future, you need innovative solutions, lower risks and costs and get everybody’s buy-in. Organizing your work more customer-centric and design-driven is going to lead to extraordinary improvements.
Focus on the needs and problems of your users
Creating meaningful user interactions and relevant experiences
Clear common goals
Creating alignment between different teams and departments in your company even when scopes change
Efficient work process
Spend less time and money until your products or new features hit the market
Growth acceleration
Attract new users, increase your conversion, revenue and better respond to changing user needs

How we can help

Our guided collaboration - we call it Co-Creation - with employees from different teams with diverse backgrounds help you align on common goals and create innovative solutions to your biggest business challenges.

The Playground

Together with your multi-functional team we guide you through several Co-Creation Workshops designed to unleash creativity, get inspired and develop innovative solutions.

We take these solutions, add our 20+ years experience in product development and online marketing, build a prototype, test it with real users and gather invaluable feedback.

Our unique process creates Rapid Collaboration and Decision Making to generate a validated product strategy within less than 6 weeks.
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The School

With our tailor-made programs and workshops you discover how to put innovation into practice by yourself and become a Change-Agent at your own company.

We show you the value of a fast-paced, user-centered process and its impact to continuously drive towards a successful product.

All our workshops encourage Experience-Based Learning and are adapted to your very own needs - from Innovation Design to Design Sprints and beyond.
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Connecting Copenhagen 🇩🇰 with Hamburg 🇩🇪

We are native Germans, speak English fluently and call Copenhagen our home. With offices in Hamburg and Denmark’s capital we bring together the best of our two countries: The knowledge of the German market, a long-term relationship to our German clients and an extensive network of know-how partners and specialists in Copenhagen.

Strong partners since 2007

Having worked with brands as Closed, DAK, Lagardère Sports, Anton Meyer, Signal Iduna or Unilever both our founders have a solid portfolio of experience in different markets and company sizes.

Besides that we have already founded and successfully sold several startups since 2003.  

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Let`s work together!

We are looking forward to telling you more about our process and start working with you!
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