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We are a Strategic Design Firm based in Copenhagen.
We utilize designers’ methods and trained sensibility to seek a deep understanding of users’ conditions, situations, and needs. This approach enables us to uncover great new possibilities for change, improvement, and innovation.

The Team

The Team

The Team

The Team

Chris Weier

Founder, Strategic Experience Designer, Workshop Designer & Facilitator

With over 20 years of experience in designing digital products and services, Chris is a founder and strategic experience designer at hidorris. Chris assists clients in creating more successful and meaningful digital products and services, facilitating co-creation within cross-functional teams. Utilizing design-led methods like design sprints, workshop facilitation, futures foresight, and design thinking, Chris brings together diverse teams and unlocks the power of creativity in each individual.

As a design sprint and workshop facilitator, Chris aids decision-makers and managers in applying analysis and intelligence to their responses to opportunities and threats. This approach helps in creating more user-focused and effective experiences for customers. Chris designs and facilitates learning programs and innovation safaris, offering a deep dive into the Danish innovation culture. These programs include exchanges with Danish companies and startups, and the development and testing of solutions for their challenges. Chris is passionate about learning, sharing knowledge, and inspiring others to innovate and co-create.

Chris's competencies span from Customer Experience Design to more high-level and strategic skills like Design-led Innovation, Strategic Design, Design Thinking, and Learning Program Design and Facilitation. Chris thrives in uncertain and creative environments and excels in executing at a fast pace. With a belief that there is a solution to every problem, she inspires others to join her in creating change.

Who we have worked with recently

*Henkell Freixenet & Tchibo w/ Protofy Hamburg, Volkswagen w/ WPP Hamburg