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What dorris does

We are your partner for identifying and solving big business challenges, creating a coherent digital customer experience and enabling you to accelerate your business growth.

Product & Experience Design

We create innovative digital experiences that match your customer`s needs and your business goals. In the past years we have developed our own sprint-like timescale to rapidly create a product strategy. We adopted this process from renowned companies as Stockholm-based Creative Business School Hyper Island, global Design and Innovation firm IDEO and Google Ventures.

Growth Acceleration & Social Marketing

We want your business to grow: dorris helps you reach a long-term sustainable growth. We find the best strategies to generate leads for your product or service and constantly work on their optimization. With our background of founding our own startups and running our own companies, we are well experienced in both, short-term growth hacking and long-term strategy building.

Rapid Innovation Lab

Workshops are the tool for innovation. In a very short period of time we enable you to get an immense amount of work done, answer urgent business-related questions and benefit from the great outcome of co-creation.

Besides that our Rapid Innovation Lab invites you to get away from your desk, your day-to-day tasks and dive into new levels of productivity and team spirit.

Innovation Lab x CPH

In our Innovation Lab we use different types of workshops to teach you innovation and help you get there yourself. If you want to go a step further we invite you to our Lab x. Based in Copenhagen we put together one to five days of innovative workshops with inspirational Lightning Talks by Scandinavian experts in your field. These talks are a solid base for creating solutions to your challenge together with your team and our experts in a completely new and inspiring surrounding.  

With our diverse backgrounds we at dorris are ready to solve your business challenges that keep you awake at night.

Acquisition of new customer groups

We enabled a German menswear label expand their business beyond brick-and-mortar stores

Tangible digital experiences

We developed a playful, interactive digital solution to explore and „try“ a physical product online to save money on Social Sellers


We digitized complex processes and developed an easy-to-use product that enables even new users to succeed fast and with great joy

Who works with us

We as founders and CEOs of dorris believe we can only do the best work for our clients getting involved in each of our projects personally.

We work with marketing and e-Commerce teams, CEOs as well as Product Owners. Whenever there is a digital touchpoint involved in the product or service you offer, we are the right partner for you.

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Our Playbook

Higher productivity -
less costs

6 weeks
This is the time our Product and Growth Strategy Process takes to develop a verified strategy and clear requirements for your product

Let`s work together!

We are looking forward to telling you more about our process and start working with you!