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About us

We are a Strategic Design Firm based in Copenhagen.
We utilize designers’ methods and trained sensibility to seek a deep understanding of users’ conditions, situations, and needs. This approach enables us to uncover great new possibilities for change, improvement, and innovation.

The Team

The Team

The Team

The Team

Chris Weier

Founder, Strategic Experience Designer, Workshop Designer & Facilitator

Since the dot-com era, Chris' passion has always been to create enjoyable and meaningful digital products and services.

Starting her career as a self-taught Developer, she soon realized she was striving to create great digital experiences as a UX and later also UI Designer. She wanted to have a job where no day is like the other, constantly learning and being challenged. That's why she founded kontor eins digital in 2007 and her first startup in 2008.

Chris is an Explorer and a Sprinter: She is best in an environment of uncertainty and creativity and thrives when being able to execute at a blistering pace.

Vanessa Carpenter · Kintsugi Design

Partner, Creative, Designer & Futurist

With a background in smart product development and a PhD in Designing for Meaningfulness in Future Technologies, Vanessa is a thought leader in how we’re going to interact with future technologies and how we can create products which go beyond convenience, and beyond the screen, to focus on a sense of purpose, connection and self development. 

Vanessa uses her background in art, technology, design and business to create unexpected, yet incredibly useful opportunities.

Martin Bloomstine · eliot

Partner, Culture Strategist & Facilitator

Martin is known for bringing a metaperspective and smart questioning to complex situations. He helps people see the bigger picture and brings them back on track and into the context of the situation.Martin has an education from Hyper Island and has helped organisations such as Specsavers, Nordea and The Index Project with their culture, strategy, and learning abilities.

Anne Gorgy · The XI Studio

Partner, Innovation Strategist and Futures Designer

Anne is a Futures Designer with 7+ years of experience working at the intersection of research, strategy, and design to uncover and translate emerging trends into opportunity spaces. Her work enables organizations to identify unmet human needs and socioeconomic shifts, and unlock market and growth opportunities and strategies, for today and tomorrow. She has leveraged her diverse expertise to help 10+ global organizations across industry sectors future-proof their products, services, strategies, and culture.

Who we have worked with recently

*Henkell Freixenet & Tchibo w/ Protofy Hamburg, Volkswagen w/ WPP Hamburg