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Redefining Tomorrow with Holistic Innovation Design

We use the methodologies of a designer to address customer needs and solve complex business problems.

Life-centric thinking

Our solutions are created with a profound understanding of our users and the world they live in.

Cross-functional Co-Creation

We bring together diverse teams and help unlock the power of creativity within everyone.

Design-led methods & processes

We use tried-and-true methods and tools from design to support business principles & processes.





Strategy & Vision

Customer Experience (CX) & Product Vision

You cannot move your company and your product forward, if you don’t know what is guiding you - A CX or Product Vision is your guiding North Star you and your teams all believe in, that leads your business decisions and becomes the greatest motivator for your teams.

A product vision describes the future direction and purpose of your product, providing a clear understanding of your product goals, target audience, key features, and benefits. It provides a clear understanding of your product's purpose and how it will solve customer problems or meet their needs.

We support you creating your own CX / Product Vision with our engaging and inclusive process. We help you visualize and use your Product Vision on a daily basis across your company to improve your future product experiences and take the right decisions.

Strategy & Vision

Future Scenario Planning

Our Future Scenario Planning offers a proactive strategy to prepare for upcoming challenges and opportunities.

We cannot predict THE future, but we can form new perspectives about the future and understand our potential, choices and possible experiences. What actions can we take already today to prepare for the future? Strategic foresight helps us identify market and behaviour changes and enables us to add this new perspective to our CX and Product Vision work.

We combine different strategic foresight research strategies (e.g. desktop research, expert interviews, science/literature reviews) and collaborate with you to craft potential future scenarios. We vividly bring them to life through engaging mediums — be it captivating videos, illustrative comics, or immersive audio experiences.

Strategy & Vision

Design Thinking Workshops

Our Design Thinking Workshops immerse participants in a user-centric approach to address intricate challenges. Merging empathy with hands-on experimentation, we help teams deeply understand user needs, desires, and obstacles, shaping innovative solutions beneficial for both users and businesses.

At the outset, we emphasize a genuine understanding of users through activities like interviews and empathy maps. This seamlessly transitions into a structured methodology encompassing stages from empathizing to testing.

Within this framework, we foster a dynamic collaborative environment, allowing varied team perspectives to shape comprehensive solutions. With our emphasis on swift ideation-to-prototype transitions, teams gain visual clarity, prompt feedback, and an opportunity for faster solution refinement. By engaging real users to test these prototypes, we ensure the resultant solutions are not only innovative but also user-friendly and impactful.

Insight Generation

Explorative Interviews & Research Strategies

In the complex terrain of innovation, superficial knowledge won't cut it. To truly elevate a project, it's crucial to intertwine your vision with a plethora of external insights.

Our Explorative Interviews stand out, serving as dynamic dialogues designed to unearth stakeholders' and customers' deepest motivations, beliefs, and challenges. More than just predetermined questions, these sessions are versatile, adjusting in real-time to dig out uncharted insights.

Managed by seasoned facilitators and personalized for every project's distinct needs, these interviews not only draw out hidden narratives but also nurture genuine rapport with participants. As we delve deep, the unexpected often surfaces, revealing richer contexts and nuances.

This comprehensive approach ensures a multi-dimensional understanding, setting the stage for innovations that resonate deeply, drawing from a rich mosaic of insights and perspectives.

Idea Generation & Innovation

Co-Creation & Ideation Workshops

Our Co-Creation & Ideation services enable you to generate new and innovative ideas. Our team of experts works collaboratively with your team to co-create solutions that meet their unique needs and challenges.

We facilitate brainstorming sessions, product discoveries, design sprints, and other collaborative sessions that bring together diverse perspectives and expertise. We use various tools and techniques to encourage idea generation, including visualization, prototyping, and user testing.

Our Co-Creation & Ideation services help our clients to:

  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Develop new products, services, and business models
  • Solve complex challenges and problems
  • Enhance customer experiences and engagement
Prototyping & Testing

Prototyping & User Testing / Interviews

Ensuring your offerings align with audience expectations is paramount. But how can you verify this alignment without expending excessive resources? The solution is prototyping. By letting potential users experience and interact with early versions of your products or services, you tap into a treasure trove of insights regarding their true behaviors, needs, and preferences. This method not only offers a direct route to uncovering user perspectives but also forms a safety net, capturing potential issues or enhancement areas before they escalate into costly, time-consuming setbacks during later development phases.

The true beauty of prototyping is its twofold value:

  1. Resource Efficiency: Prototyping allows for the validation of ideas with minimal investment, ensuring efficient use of resources and avoiding potential pitfalls in full-scale projects.
  2. Building it Right: Prototyping verifies that a product not only exists but is optimally designed to meet user needs, ensuring subsequent development aligns with real user needs.

Workshops, Innovation Days & Learning Programs

We are your guiding hand in facilitation. Need help designing an event, workshop, or simply want to make your meetings more engaging? We're on it.

Our role is to make sure when your team comes together, everyone has a productive and enjoyable time. In this age of online and mixed work settings, we guide group activities ensuring no time is wasted and every person is heard. By focusing on the strengths of diverse thoughts and ensuring everyone feels at ease to share, we help you bring out the best in your team, making every gathering worthwhile.

We are honored to be part of Miro's network of hand-selected consultants and agencies, named one of the best creative and strategic minds.

Innovation Safaris

We design and run tailor-made Innovation Safaris to help you find answers to your most important challenges.

Innovation Safaris are dynamic learning experience that bring innovation to life, foster creative thinking, and equip you and your team with the inspiration and insights to drive change and growth in their own domains. They are designed to inspire, educate, and provoke new ways of thinking.

You will learn and apply the most essential tools, techniques and processes of innovation. We enable you to strengthen your capacity to solve complex business challenges in an environment of constant change and uncertainty - today’s VUCA world. Our experience-based programs address anyone seeking to drive innovation with a responsible and disruptive mindset.

Talks & Keynotes

Discover innovation like never before with our curated talks:

Holistic Innovation Design: Delve into a complete approach to innovation, where every design element interconnects, from ideation to implementation. Learn how to craft solutions that are both impactful and sustainable.

An Outsider's Insider's View on Innovative Denmark: Explore the innovation dynamics of Denmark, a global frontrunner. Gain an insider’s perspective with an outsider’s fresh eyes, decoding the unique methodologies and culture that drive Danish creativity.

Engage with us for insights that don’t just inform, but inspire and transform.

What our clients say about working with us

With Chris and her Design Thinking approach we could unlock next level creativity through new ways of thinking and build an actionable prototype in days. We will definitely keep Design Thinking as one of the most efficient Creation processes and are super happy with how Chris managed the whole process and the workshops.

Isabel Burbach

Area Director of Digital, E-Commerce & CRM (DACH, Poland, Baltics) - British American Tobacco

We highly appreciate the openness and guidance of Chris' consulting work creating an Experience Vision for XING. She observes and challenges our ideas which makes it an awesome experience to work with her.

Cornelius Müller

VP User Experience - XING

Chris offers the perfect combination of User Experience, Strategy and Tech Knowledge which is pretty unique.

Heike Fiedler

Business Director - Interone GmbH

Chris` analytical capabilities, her structured way of working, and her innovative solutions take our projects to constant success and are always highly enjoyable.

Patrick Lithander

Director Business Growth - Valtech

Who we have worked with recently

*Henkell Freixenet & Tchibo w/ Protofy Hamburg, Volkswagen w/ WPP Hamburg

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