Let us solve your biggest challenges together

We use the methodologies of a designer to address customer needs and solve complex business problems.

Human-centered Focus

Creating meaningful user interactions and relevant experiences while considering the impact our decisions and products make

Cross-functional Co-Creation

Bringing together diverse teams and helping unlock the power of creativity within everyone

Design-led methods & processes

Using tried-and-true methods and tools from design to support business principles & processes

What is the Playground?

The Playground is the space where we help you make your digital products more meaningful and useful for your customers by applying traditional design principles to complex problems.

With our background in Design, we introduce you to methods, and tools for creating more human-centered, meaningful and innovative products, services, solutions, and experiences.

We utilize a designer's methods and sensibility to seek a deep understanding of users’ conditions, situations, and needs. This approach enables us to uncover great new possibilities for change, improvement, and innovation.

We do not go through this process alone but guide you through a series of guided collaboration Workshops - we call this Co-Creation. This method has been designed to unleash creativity, get inspired and develop innovative solutions to your challenges together in cross-functional teams.

Why would you need our help?

The future is coming faster than you think: If you want your company be innovative, you need to be able to navigate ambiguous, uncertain and often complex information spaces (our VUCA world). What is unknown usually far outweighs what is known.

New technologies and trends are evolving each and every day, urging companies to re-think their usual processes and mindsets. You need to be equipped with the right tools and methods to understand customer motivations and behaviour, inspire new ideas, support decision-making and inform strategy.

Strategy as it has been taught to many of today’s leaders is outdated. Because our world has become ever-changing, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). The focus of your strategy needs to shift from engineering-driven to design-driven, from product-centric to user-centric, and from marketing-focused to user-experience-focused. More than knowing how our world is today, leaders must be able to imagine how it could be better tomorrow.

The solution: Strategic Design, a practice that provides a unique set of skills and frameworks to balance creative strategic thinking with sound business decision making.

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

  • You are working on a lot of new features for your website/online shop/app with distributed teams
  • You are trying to solve some really tough problems at the moment (e.g. improve retention rate, increase order value, gain new customers)
  • You have discovered problems that keep you from realizing your company's vision
  • You are used to asking your agency or your product teams to solve these problems and you feel the proposed solutions could be more innovative
  • You feel you put a lot of focus on your products but not so much on your customers
  • You feel, your teams or agencies always come up with the same kind of solutions. Maybe you should try something different?

You are not alone. All our clients have been there. And together we can solve these challenges.

What our clients say about working with us

With Chris and her Design Thinking approach we could unlock next level creativity through new ways of thinking and build an actionable prototype in days. We will definitely keep Design Thinking as one of the most efficient Creation processes and are super happy with how Chris managed the whole process and the workshops.

Isabel Burbach

Area Director of Digital, E-Commerce & CRM (DACH, Poland, Baltics) - British American Tobacco

We highly appreciate the openness and guidance of Chris' consulting work creating an Experience Vision for XING. She observes and challenges our ideas which makes it an awesome experience to work with her.

Cornelius Müller

VP User Experience - XING

Chris offers the perfect combination of User Experience, Strategy and Tech Knowledge which is pretty unique.

Heike Fiedler

Business Director - Interone GmbH

Chris` analytical capabilities, her structured way of working, and her innovative solutions take our projects to constant success and are always highly enjoyable.

Patrick Lithander

Director Business Growth - Valtech

What do you get from working with us?

In numbers:

  • Higher revenue growth and return on investment
  • More satisfied and loyal customers
  • More market share and competitive advantages
  • Less money and time spent on product development

Understand your potential, choice and possible experiences: What actions can you undertake today to prepare for tomorrow? How can you act on market shifts and behaviour changes continuously?

Converge research to powerful user insights and generate actionable points of departure by learning how to ask the right questions

Create a common understanding and innovative ideas to tackle your business challenges with a joint team from your company and hidorris experts.

Develop a distinct strategy and product vision: Generate valuable customer feedback and validate the ideas we create using user interviews / tests and tangible prototypes

Strengthening cross-functional team collaboration in multiple Co-Creation Workshops and demonstrating the value of a user-centric development process





Explore some of the standard workshop formats we offer to support you in the different phases of your project. Usually we build a tailor-made process for the specific needs of each of our clients.

Product Discovery

Building the right product for your users and your business

  • Matching user needs with business goals
  • Creating a mutual understanding about individual, team and business goals
  • Building a common ground for all stakeholders at your company
  • Aligning on the big goal you are all aiming for
  • Figure out how to build fast and fail early

Co-Creation Jams

Complex problems are best solved collaboratively

  • Defining your most important challenges: from the business- and the user-perspective
  • Creation of tons of solution ideas
  • Scribbles and storyboards
  • User flows through your product - website, app, online shop, you name it
  • A starting point for your UX team, for a prototype or a real (minimal viable) product

Get Out of the Building Bootcamp

Building the product right

  • Challenging your team's mental models and overcoming biases
  • Build an interactive prototype and validate your assumptions with real customers
  • Identify real user needs
  • Improve user satisfaction and conversion rates
  • Strengthen your cross-functional team

Team Resort

Building stronger Teams

  • Creating a mutual understanding & a common team language
  • Providing a safe space to take risk and be vulnerable in front of each other
  • Defining common goals and gain a clear mutual understanding 
  • Getting to know your team mates
  • Guidelines and etiquette for a better and more inclusive workspace

Tailor-Made Programs

We provide you with the skills you need to navigate today's VUCA world as a leader

Our bespoke programs and workshops add value to your leadership skills by focusing on asking the right questions when solving complex problems, and with that enabling you to become an innovation accelerator in your company.

Learning Expeditions

Transform your team to become Innovation Leaders Go on a Learning Expedition

We design and run tailor-made Learning Expeditions to help you find answers to your most important challenges. Gain new expert know-how and new methodology skills to be a successful leader in our VUCA times.

Featured Work

Featured Work

Featured Work

Featured Work

Product Discovery: New digital B2C platform

What our client asked for

  • No more unvalidated briefings
  • No more throwing things over the fence
  • No more boxes & silos
  • No more disappointments, too much money spent, too much time past

How we approached the challenge

  • In-depth Interviews with Stakeholders inside the company & customers
  • Co-Creation Workshops to frame the main challenge & find solutions
  • Expedition to Copenhagen to build the product and a prototype that was instantly run by relevant customers
  • Creation of a High-Fidelity Prototype, user tests and interviews
  • Iterating the process

What we achieved:

  • Better understanding & alignment within the cross-functional team we had put together to create the new platform
  • Deep commitment of everyone involved, including the Digital Lead Agency
  • Changed the way of working
  • Radical User-centered product development
  • Saved money & time

Focuswrx - Co-Creating a new Product Strategy

We helped our client to:

  • define a clear value proposition for their business,
  • build a new mobile app,
  • increase user retention and
  • create a better customer experience. 

After we had uncovered the main business challenges in a series of workshops, we worked hand in hand with a cross-functional team to co-create ideas to solve these challenges. The main goal was to create an app that was not only user-centered but would also provide more actionable insights than just raw data.

The final concept of the new app was validated with real users through several iterations and enabled our client to save time and money by getting very clear answers to their most strategic questions before building the real product.

XING - Customer Experience Vision

With our client, we created a company-wide CX Vision with the goal to break up silos and bring a more user-centric mindset to the whole team. The Vision helps to plan and strategize the decisions the team is about to make and evaluate how they we are doing by creating new outcome-focused metrics.

Starting with a company-wide Hackathon leading to Open Co-Creation Sessions, building prototypes, testing and iterating we recently started the rollout of the new CX vision.

The Outcome

  • A whole concept of Workshops & Tools
  • A toolbox to inspire, enable and guide
  • 5 immersive audiofiles with users from the future that helped immerse everyone into the future product experience and created an emotional and tangible picture

FMCG:undisclosed // Guided Co-Creation of a B2B Communication Platform

Our goal was to create a validated concept for a new Digital Platform for B2B users with a European team of stakeholders. The product went online recently.

How we achieved this:

  • Stakeholder Interviews & Workshop to align the cross-functional and multi-national team.
    Outcome: Business Map & User Empathy Map
  • User Research & User Interviews & Alignment Workshop.
    Outcome: Concrete Problem Statements to solve
  • Design Studio Workshop: With the whole team we created ideas to solve our challenges using the Double-Diamond Model & Design Thinking
  • Prototyping, User Testing, Iteration Workshops

Who we have worked with recently

*Henkell Freixenet & Tchibo w/ Protofy Hamburg, Volkswagen w/ WPP Hamburg

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