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Creativity is the most important Leadership quality today

The Business Value of Design & Creative Leadership

If you want to be able to make Change happen, you need to establish a Culture of Innovation at your company. You need to know how to enable disruptive thinking and which tools and processes can support you: This is what we call Creative Leadership which is based on the concept of building collaborative teams to develop innovative ideas.

The most successful Leaders practice and encourage experimentation and innovation throughout their organizations. They take more risks, create new ideas and keep innovating in how they lead their teams. The most successful organizations co-create products and services with their customers and integrate them into core processes.

With The School we give Leaders, Decision Makers, Product Owners and digital Experts a foundational understanding of how to become a Creative Leader. We invite you to user our tried-and-true approach to solve big business challenges, the tools you need and the Innovation process you need to implement.

You gain in-depth knowledge of the importance of a user-centric approach and how to involve customers in product development. During and after our experienced-based learning programs and courses you learn how to gather customer insights using different tried and true methods as Design Thinking (IDEO) and Design Sprints (Google) for product/service innovation. You understand the value of a fast-paced, iterative development process and its impact to continuously drive towards a successful product/service. You build your own toolkit to become a Change-Maker at your own company.

What you get

Learn how to become a successful Creative Leader in today's VUCA world

Adapt a Customer-Centric Mindset

Understand the value of an iterative development process

Develop ideas that create real value and meaning to your users

Gain confidence in applying design thinking-driven innovation techniques and tools in practice

Create a solid toolkit to use for your own projects and challenges

Expansive Design Thinking

4 x 60 min Workshop Program to get equipped with powerful tools for creating impactful digital products

The new method “Expansive Design Thinking” which is based on Christian Bason's book "Expand - Stretching the Future by Design", combines co-creation, design thinking, and futures design and  provides a powerful approach to innovation that considers the complexities of the real world.

This new method generates solutions that are sustainable and equitable. With Expansive Design Thinking, you can take your problem-solving to the next level and continuously work towards a better future for humans, our society and our planet.

A little extra fun
For this course, we are using the current exhibition “The Future is Present” at the Design Museum Denmark. You are invited to visit the museum before our workshop. If you cannot come to Copenhagen to explore the inspiring exhibition in person, we will give you access to a few digital exhibits you can use to prepare your innovation case.

What you will learn

  • You will explore what innovation is and where you can find opportunities to innovate
  • You will learn how to frame a problem, how to conduct user research, apply collaborative ideation, prototype, and test your ideas
  • You will get an introduction to a new Design Thinking method called “Expansive Design Thinking” which is based on the book “Expand - Stretching the Future by Design”
  • You will get equipped with powerful tools and frameworks for creating innovative, impactful solutions that consider the needs of people and the world around us
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Who is this program for?

Applying design to solve business challenges has become a core skill for anyone who is responsible for (digital) product creation. Decision-makers, leaders and curious minds working as Product Managers, Product Owners, Designers, Strategists or Consultants.

In our fast-moving world we all need to develop a new innovative mindset in order to solve problems using co-creation and expanded design thinking.

The Format

We meet for one online session of 60 mins over 4 weeks. This program aims at teams of min. 5 people. You will get an exclusive workshop program just for your team. This enables you to decide on the dates and times that fit best to your schedule.

Our methodology

All our workshops encourage experience-based learning which means we teach you new skills, knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes through experience and active reflection. This widely-used learning approach emphasizes doing, reflection, and active experimentation byindividual learners and groups.

Creating Innovation Workshop

A 3-Day Workshop on how to rapidly innovate in an ever-changing world

👉 A foundational understanding of how we at hidorris approach business challenges, which tools we use and what our Innovation process looks like
👉 In-depth knowledge of the importance of a user-centric approach and how to involve customers in product development.
👉 Apply customer insights using different tried and true methods as Design Thinking (IDEO) and Design Sprints (Google) for product/service innovation.
👉 Understand the value of a fast-paced, iterative development process and its impact to continuously drive towards a successful product/service

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Who is this Workshop for?

Aimed at decision makers, innovators, product owners and digital experts who work in management and leadership roles, our founder, Chris Weier, will show you a new mindset, a process and an extensive toolkit to face an ever changing world, to lead innovative teams and to establish an Innovator`s Mindset in your company

Creative Leadership Programme

Discover how to put innovation into practice - 5-week Blended-Learning program with on- and offline sessions, 1:1 coaching by our certified experts

This course is a comprehensive experience that will teach you Design Thinking principles, the toolsets and methods. The knowledge you will gather from this course adds value to leadership skills by focusing on asking the right questions when solving complex problems, and with that enabling you to become an innovation accelerator in your company.

During this extremely hands-on course you will be working on a concrete challenge. The outcome of this course can serve as a kickstarter for a real product.

By being immersed in our Innovation & Design Thinking bubble for several weeks, you will start to develop a new creative muscle, that you will be able to successfully apply when returning to your worklife.

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Learning Outcomes

  • 💡 Create psychological safety and creative space for your team
  • 💡 Develop the right mindset to challenge, inspire and guide a team to go beyond the obvious results
  • 💡 Set the conditions for a culture of creativity and collaboration
  • 💡 Explore and apply new tools and methods and create your own toolkit to lead innovative teams

Who is this Workshop for?

Aimed at leaders, decision makers and innovators who are looking for the ultimate guide to the concepts you need to make innovation and change happen. This bespoke program is your kickstarter to introduce an Innovation Culture at your company.

Design Sprint Bootcamp

Design Sprints are your new superpower 🦸 - In our 2-Day Onsite Bootcamp you will learn and experience how to perform and execute Design Sprint facilitation on a pre-set example.

We will teach you the Design Sprint 2.0 process. You will experience a full Design Sprint from challenge definition through to ideation, prototyping, and testing ideas with target customers.

➕ You can shortcut the endless cycle of problem solving and product development. Instead you compress months of work and effort into a few days
➕ You can jump on a time-machine and see your new/optimized product and test customer reactions  before making any expensive investments
➕ You will get clear data from a very realistic prototype relatively quickly

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Learning Outcomes

  • We equip you with all the tools, methods and knowledge about the Design Sprint 2.0 so that you are able to put together your own toolbox.
  • We provide you with an immersive, practical experience with the Design Sprint process.
  • We give you the confidence that you are ready to facilitate the BEST Design Sprint experience with your team and your clients.

Who is this Workshop for?

Aimed at decision makers, innovators and product owners who work in product or service development.

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We are trained and experienced Learning Designers. Whatever it is that you have in mind and need help with, we have your back.

Maybe an Innovation Day for your company, a bespoke Learning Program, a specific topic you want to learn about... Drop us a message and we are looking forward to diving into this together with you!

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  • Our recipe to reach team alignment, agreement, and shared understanding

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