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Responsible Tech Design Sprint

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Unlock the potential of new tech in just 5 days

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead means not just keeping pace with emerging technologies but leveraging them to use them responsively. This 5-day workshop is designed to give you an overview of today’s immersive tech landscape, provide you with a safe space to experiment with it, learn about potential risks but also unique opportunities and start building your own ideas.

Reason Why

Running faster is not the solution

Technologies have never evolved faster than today. The next decade will only take four to five years and bring more unforeseen, rapid changes. Are you ready to face them?

Right now we can see two kinds of organizations - those who dive deep into each emerging tech trend and often forget to consider how to use new technologies responsibly and meaningfully and those who close their eyes because the landscape has become so complex that they would rather sit and wait.

We have to understand that we need to find the right direction to stay relevant and have strategies to face our uncertain future. But this also means we need to start exploring it now, lose our fears and build necessary knowledge. To give you this opportunity and the safe space to experiment, we have created this workshop format.

What you will learn

In-depth Understanding of Emerging Technologies & the Opportunity to Play around with them in a Safe Space

Strategies to Put Humans before Technology & Create Responsible Solutions

Enhanced Problem Solving Skills by Working with our own tried-and-tested Innovation Tools

Presenting your Ideas to an Expert Jury &  invaluable Feedback Conversations  

Who this course is for

This course is relevant for Decision-makers and leaders in digital and innovation as well as Product Managers, Product Owners, Product Teams, Strategists or Consultants.

Why learning with us a great experience

All our workshops encourage experience-based learning which means we teach you new skills, knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes through experience and active reflection. This widely-used learning approach emphasizes doing, discussing, and actively experimentating by individual learners and groups.

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1 week, 5 sessions, 1 big pitch in front of an Expert Jury

Day 1

Exploring the Expansive Method: An Introduction into new fields of Design Thinking as you know it to transform your classic approach to a new way of thinking.

Tools & Frameworks: Innovation Case Map

Day 2

Learning how to get into a curious and non-judgmental mindset, revealing relevant insights and framing your innovation challenge in a clear and compelling way.

Tools & Frameworks: Research Context Map & Challenge Framing

Day 3

Learning techniques for developing an extensive set of innovative ideas. Exploring how to get beyond the obvious, generate fresh new ideas and create inspiring concepts.

Tools & Frameworks: Digital Ethics Compass & Expand Ideation Tool

Day 4

Learning the value of early-stage testing, explore the many methods of prototyping to bring your ideas to life. We finish the last session with a playful design jam you can add to your own toolkit afterwards.

Tools & Frameworks: Protobot & Futures Bazaar

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Meet your facilitator

As an experienced User Experience Designer, Digital Strategist and Workshop Facilitator with 20+ years in the industry, Chris has honed her skills in solving business challenges through design-led methods. She has founded several companies since 2007 to constantly learn and be challenged.

Chris has received her education from renowned creative schools, including IDEO University, Kaospilot, and Hyper Island. With this comprehensive education and extensive experience in the industry, Chris is well-equipped to provide valuable insights and guidance in utilizing Expansive Design Thinking to create sustainable and equitable solutions.

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