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Video Innovation Workshop - Building the Human Touch in the Digital Age

Design your company’s video future, with strategic facilitation expert Chris Weier and TwentyThree co-founder Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

The internet, the personal computer, and video: they’re the three largest drivers of change in the digital age. But until now, video has been under-served when it comes to the practical tooling and user-friendly design marketing teams need to execute on. But more and more companies are waking up to the transformative power of video. Because in an increasingly digital world, video is your company’s human side.

In this hands-on four hour, FREE workshop, we explore a world:

Where innovation isn’t about removing humans but putting them front and centre to create real engagement and connection. At scale.

Where video and webinars can power new experiences for your customers. Imagine joining your doctor that operated on your knee for her monthly webinar, or receiving a personalised video welcome greeting from the CEO of the bank you’ve joined.

Where video is reinventing the impersonal and outdated artifacts that we operate by.

Where video is becoming default at all touchpoints - from websites and apps to emails.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Meet other great digital thinkers
  • Get to best practice on how to execute and scale video across your company
  • Design a customer journey based on video touchpoints 
  • Get hands-on with shooting video & webinar pilots in minutes with a full webinar studio at your disposal. We even have an Apple Vision Pro & more so you can get creative!

👉 Join us for our next Video Innovation Workshop together on Wednesday, 10th April 2024,  12.00-18.00 at the TwentyThree HQ, Sortedam Dossering 7E, Copenhagen. As part of a selected group of digital leaders we are inviting you to this early prototype of the workshop. In late May, we’ll open-source the framework for agencies and companies to use globally.

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Meet your facilitator

As an experienced User Experience Designer, Digital Strategist and Workshop Facilitator with 20+ years in the industry, Chris has honed her skills in solving business challenges through design-led methods. She has founded several companies since 2007 to constantly learn and be challenged.

Chris has received her education from renowned creative schools, including IDEO University, Kaospilot, and Hyper Island. With this comprehensive education and extensive experience in the industry, Chris is well-equipped to provide valuable insights and guidance in utilizing Expansive Design Thinking to create sustainable and equitable solutions.

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